How to Generate a Cheatsheet

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The  Cheatsheet Generator can generate a customized one-page PDF that you can print out and take to your draft.


First, select the league format. You can choose between the site-wide pre-defined formats or use your own custom settings:

If you select Custom, then you can use the settings you have previously saved on the My Teams page. If you haven't done that yet, set up your league's roster and scoring settings by following the instructions here:  My Teams: How to Customize Rosters and Scoring Settings.

Personal Rankings (optional)

If you use a non-custom setting, you can choose either that day's ADP data or your own personal rankings which are set up in your My Rankings section of the site.

Keepers (optional)

Select which set of keepers to use if you have them already saved. To save your keepers,  follow the steps here and then return to the cheatsheet generator.


Click “Generate Cheatsheet” to prepare your custom PDF for download. The PDF should download automatically and appear in your browser's Download folder.

This is a Premium feature. To get access, upgrade here.

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