How to use the Draft Simulator

This is a Premium feature. If you haven't signed up for Premium yet, check it out here.

The Draft Simulator is an easy-to-use tool to simulate your draft. The color-coded draft board allows you to easily see who has been drafted already.

The simulator is your own personal draft room with the computer making all other selections.

Once you are logged in with your premium account, go to the Draft Simulator page. It should look like this:

Configuring the Draft Simulator

This is how to understand the settings for the draft simulator:

Draft Format

For draft format, you can either use:

  • Pre-defined scoring settings and roster requirements like PPR and 2-QB
  • Your own scoring settings and roster requirements including custom flex positions.

The options are to choose from Standard, PPR, 2-QB, Dynasty, Rookie and Custom Settings. The first ones map to the pre-defined site settings used for the mock drafts. The last, Custom Settings is the way you can provide detailed customization.

Select Custom Settings if you want to control the custom settings for the computer algorithms. See below for how to do that.

Custom Settings

Follow the steps on the My Teams documentation to do the one-time setup of your custom settings. Once that is done, return to the Draft Simulator page, and select that team name from the Custom Settings drop-down.

The settings can be set by using the site-wide customization feature, My Teams. Follow the steps listed there to create your settings as a new My Team and then return to this guide.

You can now select Custom Settings from the Draft Format option. When you do, a drop-down will appear that shows the available custom scoring settings that you created in the My Teams section:

Number of Teams

The number of team you would like in the simulated draft.


The number of rounds the draft should go.

My Draft Position

The draft position you would like to draft out of.


The keepers are a selection of pre-saved keeper players for your league. This makes it easy to re-use keepers over and over again.

For more information on configuring keepers, read the Keepers page.

Team Name

The name of your team to be used in the Draft Simulator.

Running a Simulation

After you click Launch Draft Simulator, the simulation will begin automatically. All teams other than your own will be filled by computers.

The draft will progress quickly, and you will be on the clock to make your pick when the time comes.

The computer algorithm has a slightly random factor included, so each simulation will be completely different.

Using the Draft Simulator

Once you've configured the Draft Simulator how you want it and hit Launch Draft Simulator, you will be taken to a draft room.

By clicking Launch Draft Simulator, we are taken to a draft room that looks like this:

Since we chose to draft with pick #1, we are pick number 1. The rest of the draft is filled with computers that will draft according to the settings we selected.

Continuing on, the computers all take their picks. Then, since we have a keeper selected for our 2nd round pick, that keeper pick is automatically selected by the system.

Then the draft gives us a chance to pick our 3rd round selection as you can see here:

After we make our pick, the draft continues. Keeper picks are automatically selected for any team.

The draft will end when all rounds are complete. When it's done, click the Save and Archive button so that it will appear within your dashboard for analysis.

If you want to stop the draft early, click the Stop Draft button.

That's it! Good luck drafting!

This is a Premium feature. If you haven't signed up for Premium yet, check it out here.

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