How to use the Draft Tracker

This is a Premium feature. If you haven't signed up for Premium yet, check it out here.

The  Draft Tracker is an easy-to-use tool to track your live draft. The color-coded draft board allows you to easily see who has been drafted already.

It is intended to be used on the day of your draft.

There are no computers, and no other people in your Draft Tracker draftboard. It is entirely populated by yourself. There is no timer. Every pick is made by you to mimic your actual draft.


The Draft Tracker can be used from any laptop, tablet, or mobile device. It is 100% web friendly and does not require flash.

It requires an internet connection throughout the draft.

Configuring the Draft Tracker

First, navigate to the  Draft Tracker page.

Then, specify the settings of your draft that you want:

  • League scoring format
  • Number of teams
  • Number of rounds
  • Keepers

Then click “Launch Draft Tracker” when you are set. You will be immediately taken into the draft room.

Undo Picks

In case you make a mistake, there is an undo button that will let you undo the last draft pic.


The keepers are a selection of pre-saved keeper players for your league. This makes it easy to re-use keepers over and over again.

For more information on configuring keepers, read the  Keepers page.

Custom Rankings

The rankings displayed in the Draft Tracker will be your custom rankings for that draft format if you have set them.

This makes it easy to see who the best available player is according to your rankings.

Running the Draft Tracker

Once you have launched the Draft Tracker, you will be taken immediately to the draft room.

This is a draft room with no timer, no computers, and no other people. You will make every selection. This is meant to mimic your actual draft so that you can use the color-coded draftboard to watch for positional runs and see who has already been drafted.

This is a Premium feature. If you haven't signed up for Premium yet, check it out here.

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