Saving Mock Drafts

Saving your mock drafts is a great way to review your previous drafts and analyze your draft strategies.

Saving your mock drafts

To save your mock drafts, simply first log into the website before you join a mock draft.

Your mock draft will then automatically be saved to your account. It will display on the “My Drafts” page within 30 minutes of the draft concluding.

Viewing saved mock drafts

Go to the “My Drafts” page.

That will show you a list of all mock drafts you have completed. You’ll see:

  • Your team name
  • Draft date
  • Draft format
  • Draft position
  • Projected fantasy points for the team’s projected starters
  • First 5 players selected
  • Link to the full draft results
  • Link to the team’s analysis in the Rankings tool

Filtering saved mock drafts

You can filter the mock drafts displayed in the table by clicking on “Filter” and selecting the options in the drop-down form.

This is useful for selectively displaying drafts of only one format so that you can see how your drafts of one format compare.

You can take it one step further and filter by the team size and your draft position. This way, you can see if your projected points are higher or lower for each draft strategy when you draft from the 3rd spot of 12-team drafts. Maybe RB-RB results in a higher projected FP, but maybe not.

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