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The tools and content at Fantasy Football Calculator are built to help you win in fantasy football no matter how you play.

Note: The link to access the Top 3 Sleepers At Each Position download can be found in your My Account page here.

Traditional Fantasy Football

Draft Prep

People who are well-prepared for their draft do the best. Luckily, Fantasy Football Calculator gives you the world’s best draft preparation tools at your disposal.

On draft day, you need to know:

  • What your own custom rankings are. Pick your sleepers and figure out who you think is overrated.
  • What average player value is and where they are being drafted
  • What your draft strategy should be, and how it should adjust based on how other people draft.

Here is step-by-step guide to using Fantasy Football Calculator to prepare for your draft:

1. Try a mock draft (or two or ten or 100). Participate in some mock drafts to get a sense of how other people are drafting and what rounds players are being drafted in. It’s free, fast, and fun, so dive right in! Also, you can chat with other people to get their opinion on the draft and individual players.

2. Set your custom rankings. Once you start forming your own opinion of player’s value this year, start setting up your own Personalized Rankings on the My Rankings page on FFC.

3. Set your keepers (Optional). If you are in a keeper league, you can set up your keepers once in FFC and have them used in the draft applications throughout the site. Configure your keepers in the My Keepers page.

4. Simulate drafts. Once you have your own rankings and a feel for where others are drafting, it’s time to fine tune your draft strategies. Fire up the Draft Simulator and complete a draft against the computer in just a few minutes. Try out RB/RB/RB, then WR/TE/QB to see how your draft plays out. There’s no risk. You can’t embarrass yourself in front of the computer. Full support for keeper drafts in the simulator helps you prepare for that draft format also.

5. Play with draft scenarios. If you’re testing draft strategies and want to know what the likelihood of a player falling to a certain spot is, check it out in the Scenario Calculator. It’s a simple tool to show you the probability that any player will fall to any draft spot. Great for ad-hoc draft strategy analysis.

6. Monitor average draft position. Just because a player is being drafted in the 3rd round today doesn’t mean he’ll be drafted there when it’s time for your draft. Training camp injuries and promotions/demotions happen all the time, and you have to stay on top of it. The Average Draft Position (ADP) page helps you do just that by showing average draft position data updated every single day. There are also trend graphs to show who is rising and falling.

Winning Your Draft

Your draft accounts for 50% or more of your success in your fantasy league.

Your draft needs to leave you with:

  • A good mix of proven studs and high upside sleepers
  • Somewhat balanced across all roster positions with adequate depth
  • Value that could be used in trades later in the season

Based on your preferences you have a few ways to use Fantasy Football Calculator to win your draft:

Printable Cheatsheet: If you are a pencil & paper type of person, or your draft is off-line, use the Cheatsheets to generate a printable one-page PDF that is customized for you.

Draft Tracker: The Draft Tracker is a full-featured application that let’s you track your draft and visualize positional runs and see who is your best player left to draft. The Draft Tracker has support for:

  • Custom rankings
  • Keepers
  • Undo draft picks
  • Track each team’s picks individually

In-season Management

Fantasy Football Calculator gives you an easy to use interface for managing your fantasy teams and viewing their projections quickly. This makes it easy to compare to other players so that you can make add/drop and start/sit decisions quickly.

First step is to sync your league on the My Leagues page first, your roster will be loaded into the Rankings page for quick and easy in-season analysis and projections. Read about how to set this up here.


Our annual rookie draft guide is over 100+ pages long and covers:

  • Immediate Impact Players
  • Tiered Rankings
  • Scouting Reports

It's included as part of the DFS Basic & Dynasty membership plan.

Also, you can run a custom mock draft simulator for dynasty startup drafts and dynasty rookie drafts.


Ownership Projections

Our proprietary ownership projections are available for free to everyone. We have ownership projections for every classic slate for DraftKings and FanDuel.

Our lineup builders have this data built into it to help you maximize your chance of winning in daily fantasy.

Currently, our data and tools support classic slates for DraftKings and FanDuel. We're working to expand to more game types and operators.

Value picks

For all of our supported sites and slates, we provide a table of our projected fantasy points for that player divided by their salary. This gives you an instant view of the top sleepers to consider including in your lineups for that week.

Lineup Builders

We have several different lineup builders to help you win at daily fantasy.

The first is our basic lineup builder that gives you control of the player pool by liking, locking and excluding players. You can then instantly generate a lineup that meets your needs.

For the DFS Pro members, there are lineup builders tailored to the specific contests you are entering.

The cash game lineup builder evaluates many different lineups against thousands of scenarios to find the one lineup that maximizes your expected value (aka return on investment).

The Tournament (GPP) lineup builder generates a set of lineups that meet your criteria. It then calculates the probability of one of those lineups hitting the maximium threshold score that you provide. That process is repeated for many different sets of lineups, and it returns the set of lineups that maximize your chance of hitting the points threshold you provided.

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